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A healer


We offer you 8, 15 or 21 days in Costa ta Rica, the greenest country.

You will have an all-inclusive holistic experience with organic food and experiential education where you can not only heal yourself; You will also be certified with international endorsement techniques like Neuro-Linguistic Programming, ThetaHealing, Reiki and Family Constellations.

BECOME A HEALER: is the holistic training of high level holistic therapists. Where ECORESIDENCIAS ERHE, and THE INSTITUTE CRECIENDO EN GRANDE, combine their experience to offer the student a personalized attention guaranteeing a stay of Experiential Learning in an all-inclusive system.

Under the best cultural concepts and country experience that COSTA RICA offers to the world. We specialize in facilitating your training so that your investment is profitable in the short term.

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